4×4 Safari

4×4 Safari: an off-road tours with our Gueshouse jeeps. The Belogradchik cliffs are not just a small cluster of rocks, which may just be seen from the fortress “Kaleto”. Its dimensions and hidden beauties are often not accessible. That is why we are offering an off road tours, which are the best way the Belogradchik’s cliffs to be explored and really seen. Choose this adventure and you will not mistake – the beauty and the magnificence will reward you. We are offering several offroad tours with different lengths and routs, from which depending on your time and possibilities you may choose.

Long tours

Short tours

The starting point for all off-road tours is the parking in front of the fortress “Kaleto”.

The tours are made with our 7 seats jeep Land Rover Discovery. In these rock-strolls you can combine a site-seeing tour with moderate extreme adventure. You would be able to see places, which not many people have seen.


Here you can see a map of Tour 1 with photos. 

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