The town of Belogradchik is located in northwest Bulgaria 44 km away from the town of Vidin and 50 km away from the town of Montana. The unique rock formations, with which  Belogradchik is famous are located 30 km away from the city center.

The Belogradchik’s clifs and caves are well know throughout of the world. Together with the fortress they have been used many times from the world class cinematography as a beautiful scenic background. And when you see this nature made scenery, it becomes clear why the film industry has evaluated them so high. The small northwest town is also famous with that wherever path you walk out of the town, it will brings you to a beautiful area – a forest, a landscape or a breathtaking scenery.  The area is rich of cross country paths and eco-paths, which allow you to reach and submerge into the wild nature. Please see our section site-visits and points of interest, in order to find out more interesting things inside and outside of the city.