Guest House Bedrock

“When I came for the first time in Belogradchik, I stood a long time in front of the famous cliffs speechless. My mind was trying to find a concept, in which to grasp the unusual beauty of these nature made rock formations. This ancient place, a world passed through but not touched by the time, transported me through the ages and left me stunned. You can feel the spirit of the Old world, when people did not exist, walking in the broad spacy valleys, bottom of an ancient sea, which formed these unusual rocks. Then you can move on in the time when the people lived in the nearby caves as in the famous Magura and left tracks of their life and spirituality. Than this ancient place where the time and space continuum were overcome, lands you in I century AD, when a fortress was built at the highest point of the Belogradchik’s cliffs. I sincerely recommend to everyone, who wants to feel this adventure to come and to submerge in the fairy tale, in which we are living every day.”

Guest house “Bedrock”

The Guest house Bedrock has very strategical location with short access to all important parts of the town and the county side. The house has magnificent view toward the Belogradchik’s cliffs and the fortress “Kaleto”. In immediate vicinity are two of the most visited town restaurants and central square is just on 5 minutes walk, though in the same time the house is located in a quiet spot.

The Guest house has four double rooms and one lux-studio for 4 people. The maximum capacity of the house is 14 people. The rooms contain separate bad-rooms, cable TV, free Wi-Fi access, refrigerator, and some also balconies. The house is equipped with all necessities and is functioning without permanently residing personnel. Of course, the manager of the Guesthouse is reachable via phone whenever a need occurs.

The hotel has a well-kept garden with fruit trees and a small pool. At the garden area at your disposal is also a fully furnished tavern usable in all seasons. We also offer a barbecue located in the garden.

We could offer servicing of groups up to 40 people for different events and accommodation in two more guest houses around the town. In a distance of 15 meters, is located a large parking space with a capacity of over than 50 vehicles. For more details, please look our special offers, safari or simply contact us.
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