In Belogradchik there are two museums – the historical and natural science museums. The historical is located in the so called “Panova kashta”, a house built in 1810 in the period of the Bulgarian revival. It was built in the specific Bulgarian revival’s style with stone built bottom floor and wooden second floor with bow windows. This architectural jewel of Belogradchik treasures up the old way of living and the culture of the Bulgarians. In its permanent exposition, you could see over 8 000 exponents, representing the epoch of the Liberation of Turkish dominance.

The natural science museum of all the north-west Bulgaria is located in Belogradchik. In its exhibition are shown a rich variety of local flora and fauna. There are exhibited local species protected in the endangered list of plants as for example Bulgarian Erantis, Tomasiniev Crocus, Dark purple Cornflower, Serbian Ramonda, Salepovi Orchid and etc. Visit also the summer theater “Mushrooms”.